Jamie Kaplan

Boudin Bakery



a San Francisco culinary institution since they created the Original San Francisco Sourdough Bread in 1849.



CHALLENGE: Create a short, sharable video that emphasizes visiting Boudin thoughout the summer season.

APPROACH: Embrace Boudin's signature sourdough "Critters" in a way that appeals to the families that frequent fast-casual restaurants such as Boudin. By using the critters and featuring their Master Baker, Fernando, it reminds viewers of the hand-crafted, local feel that differentiates Boudin from it's competitors.


writing / art direction



Email Campaigns

CHALLENGE: Create emails reminding loyalty members that their rewards are waiting in their accounts.

APPROACH: Boldly communicate the exact reward available to the customer while simultaneously reminding them of the many food options available at Boudin beyond their signature sourdough bread.


art direction / design




CHALLENGE: Create a series of advertisements and in-store displays promoting the limited-time-only winter dishes at Boudin. Emphasize the flavor variety of these dishes as they relate to the signature sourdough bread.

APPROACH: Accentuate the ingredients of each item by using subtle illustration to call-out each of the fresh, local, ingredients. By using the white and red with the almost silver illustrations, the campaign uses the Boudin color branding to create a more winter holiday look and feel. 


art direction / design / illustration